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Various religions, cultures and myth speak of some agency or higher intelligence sending, every so often, an advanced being to lead humanity to the next level of evolution. Delivering new understanding, insight, intelligence and invention. This same supreme being which would be extraterrestrial (not of the Earth) in nature is was behind the French Revolution and the Founding of the United States and many other things though out history including Solomon's Temple and the Cathedrals in France. A being of somewhat infinite capacity compared to humans of finite capacity.

This next advanced being would bridge the gap in understanding between science and spirit, the intangible and the tangible leading up to 2012 when the final revelations and new technology would be delivered. He would lead both the scientists and spiritual spiritual teachers in understanding. One might suspect the typical course of development of a planetary society would be well understood by that which had been around for a billion years or more. However with a degree of free independent agency it could be at times unpredictable. This being would train other agents, a teacher's teacher via the Internet a communication system that he helped to implement for unimpeded delivery of the intelligence directly to the people. Communications bypassing those with a vested interest in the "current system of things".

This advanced being "anointed one" a Christ, Buddha, Lord Shiva, sponsored by the Supreme to deliver could be referred to as The King of Is Real being that he is the destroyer of illusions and falsehood and represents the Supreme Absolute Truth in the flesh. Religions have been built around these advanced beings but they are not religious. A sponsor of love, compassion, wisdom and intelligence in contrast to deception, illusion, fear and ignorance all that which is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ being that which contradicts the Supreme Truth and fails to recognize it and deceives others to its existence or pretends itself to the the source of truth or
 intelligence which it is not. 

This King of Is Real was in fact delivered to mankind in 1962 point of arrival England, Bentwaters AFB. One could think of it as an extraterrestrial being to be trained in all human affairs. His birth date is found inscribed on the ceiling of the Dendera Temple in the Dendera zodiac which was removed from Egypt to France. His birth year was also predicted by Jeanne Dixon advisor to two presidents who predicted the Kennedy assassination. He was later transferred by boat to the United States  and trained in Washington DC and then Cincinnati in his youth by the USAF. In 1987 he actively began his mission of disseminating intelligence and challenging the status quo and the authorities. There is one US Senator privy to his existence a former astronaut.

Mankind was trapped in an illusion living in bondage to the Anti-Christ which simply stands for falsehood. The King of Is Real would convey the truth about reality allowing the people to see through the illusion and appearances. The major operational areas of his focus being health, economics, government, technology and religion and the bridging the gap of understanding between science and religion. He would also reveal what had been hidden right under our nose and decode that which has been encoded. He would train many agents anonymously but many of them would later seek to promote themselves as the source of the genius and not having full understanding would lead people astray. 

"They have become lucid in the waking dream." ~The Infinite Play

Be aware there are a number for Charlatans and false teachers that would pretend themselves to be this advanced teacher. Be sure to ask them to explain the science or detail behind what they say and teach to see if they were the mind that discerned or conceived the material. The current establishment is also threatened by the truth and intelligence he represents and would seek to filter or oppress him.

Advanced beings is all about learning the Art of Advanced Being v. and the development of a highly evolved consciousness, to become an advanced being n.

We are not all the same person, we are the same being. We are not all one as a person, we are all one as a being. -The Infinite Player Are you one in the same?

"It is said the 'Lord works in mysterious ways' the workings of the Lord and the science behind it will be explained and no longer be a mystery" -Infinite Player

State of the Art Creation & Experience

  • Examples of Advanced being  are seen in Infinite Play the Movie where we find the infinite players in contrast to finite players.  Advanced beings use various tools and protocols to enhance their advancement and capability. Tools such as achieving altered states of consciousness using binaural beat brain wave entrainment that normally takes many years of meditative practice. They use biochemical Protocols such as advanced Internal Stem Cell proliferation, Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity protocols and will soon have access to the immortality protocols. They are also knowledgeable of the end of disease, and pathogenic defense protocols. Infinite PlayerThey know about The God Particle Revelation and Intangics

  • In the world at large advanced being, verb, helps usher in the new consciousness and prepare us for the transition resulting from the death of the old consciousness, which includes complete infrastructure and systems design from the advanced being perspective.

  • Advanced beings have an interest in both scientific and esoteric spirit knowledge, and putting the puzzle pieces together they do not promote speculative fantasy.

  • Advanced being is all about is all about peace and prosperity for all, and playing the infinite game, for fun, not to win, because they realize a would be winner or loser are one in the same.

  • To sum it up; one piece of cake, two players desire it. The primitive player, finite consciousness grabs it and says I got it first. The advanced being cuts it in half, offering the larger piece to the other player, and then they work together to bake another cake.

  • There are extraterrestrial beings, sometimes referred to as angels that may provide assistance to the Special Agent 013 who is known also known as Metatron (Beyond the Sub-Atomic)  

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